Styling Your Wire Shelves to Use in Kitchen and Living Space

Most of the storage units – whether it is bookcases, dressers or media stands – usually require you to spend quite an amount of money for keeping everything organized. You are investing hefty amounts on something which you may not even be able to use in the next apartment that you’ll move to. However, when you are living in small apartments that have even smaller wardrobes or closets, it is essential to have furniture pieces which can stow any precious belongings that you may have.

Here the best option for you is to opt for stainless steel wire shelves. They are usually quite versatile and do not only provide you with function but form as well. These shelving units are often sturdy, and you can also adjust shelf height so that your belongings may fit in accordingly. One major downside, however, when it comes to using wire shelves for your storage needs is that you have to keep everything completely exposed. For this reason, it’s really important that your wire shelves are styled properly so that all the contents can be kept tidy and in a proper manner. But, honestly, when we have proper shelving units installed in our homes, we get overly motivated to keep everything well-organized.

Some tips are given here that will prove to be useful for you when it comes to styling the wire shelves with different wire shelving accessories in either your bedroom/ living space or in the kitchen. However, you should also bear it in mind that these shelves can also be used perfectly in garages, laundry rooms or bathrooms.

When it comes to using these shelves in living spaces, you should use woven boxes, baskets and the magazine files for the storage of any small items, clutter, and clothes considering the fact that these shelves tend to be deep and wide. You should also think multifunctional, particularly, when you live in studio apartments or an apartment that is short on space. Different parts of your wire shelving unit can be used for different purposes like a closet, dressing the table with jewelry, makeup brushes and perfume, and one part can be dedicated to the entertainment center. Items that are used less frequently by you should be kept on the bottom and top shelves.

As far as their usage in the kitchen is concerned, these shelves can be made home to smaller appliances which usually eat up counter space. Some examples could be espresso machine, blender, toaster oven, microwave, etc.

Lay marble board, cutting board or tray so that smaller items such as flatware, pepper and salt shakers, and other food items can be stored. Flatware should be displayed in the mason jars rather than being hidden in a drawer. It is advisable to save your drawer space for items that are less attractive such as plastic wrap and aluminum foil.