Learn How You Should Install Your Wire Shelving

Just think of how quick the morning routine of yours will get when all the clothes are properly organized, and your shoes, as well as.  all the accessories, are placed in easy access.
closet can be customized to exact specifications by using wire shelving and some tools for its installation.

Before you install your wire shelves, you need to prepare for doing so. Proper planning and measurement can be considered as integral parts for making your dream closet. Doing all the prep work is important as well. You should first remove the old closet, and the walls should be repaired if necessary with the help of spackling compound, priming and sanding the surface. It’s the time when you should paint the space as well. Once the paint gets dry, studs should be marked lightly in the space where you’ll be hanging your shelving unit and all wire shelving accessories.

It is fairly easy to install the wire systems. Here are the steps that you should follow for creating a perfect closet for you. You should use your plan as your guide and attach hanger rail with studs. Just ensure that it is leveled once secured.

After that, uprights should be connected to hanger rail. It should also be ensured that they are plumb i.e. straight up-and-down. Now at their bottom, they should be secured with screws. In case, if uprights are not aligned with studs, you should better make use of wall anchors. A spot should be marked, and you should drill the pilot hole. Now driver screws after installing wall anchor.  From here onwards, it is easy to install the shelves. Shelf brackets should be locked in on uprights as it will snap your shelves into their place. Now attach hanger rod and rod hooks. Next, cap rod ends as well as hanger rails, and it will complete your basic system.

Now you can use different shelving accessories to make your shelves do different tasks for you. For instance, you can turn one piece of shelf upside down to convert it into shoe shelves. Clips are used for attaching your shelving system to the wall, and if the shelf has to be held at some angle, then the special bracket is used for that.

There are a couple of ways you can opt for to make corners. A corner piece that is specifically shaped can be used. It will be attached to the shelves on each side using joiner plates. Alternately, a couple of straight shelves can be used, and they can be attached to one another through the corner-support connector. Support should be fitted underneath and over wires of alternate shelves.

You can also add baskets and drawers with the help of runner frames. Pre-configured kits are also available. It is also possible for you to customize the drawer and frame combination of your own.